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Enter a Canadian city and province or choose one of the saved results to see a map of the automated banking machines (ABMs) in a particular city:

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Usage notes

When making a new search (by selecting a city and province instead of using a saved search), it may take up to 4 minutes for the map to display. Saved searches usually take less than a minute to display.

In previous versions of ABM Locator, when viewing maps for larger cities, users often received messages saying "Warning: Unresponsive script" (in Firefox) or something similar (in other browsers). That problem should be corrected now. If you are still receiving those types of messages, please report this to the developers using the Contact section below.

The map of ABMs shown by ABM Locator is not perfect. There are sometimes ABMs that ABM Locator is unable to plot and banks differ in the number of ABMs they list for a particular city. A full description of these issues is available on the results page (make a new search or use a saved search to see the results page). The ABM Locator team is actively working to improve the reliability, accuracy, and relevance of the ABM maps. To help out with this, see the Contact section below.

Supported banks

ABM Locator currently plots ABMs for the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, PC Financial, RBC, and TD Canada Trust. Support will soon be added for Citizens Bank and Scotiabank. If there is another bank or ABM network that you would like to see supported, please contact the ABM Locator team (see the Contact section below).


The main way to contact the ABM Locator team (for help, to get involved, for general comments, etc.) is through the abmlocator-discuss mailing list. If you are not comfortable posting your comments or questions to a mailing list, please use our forums or send a message to the maintainer of ABM Locator directly.

Note to banks

If you work for one of the supported banks or ABM networks and are interested in improving ABM Locator's support for your bank or ABM network, please contact the ABM Locator team using one of the above contact methods. We would be pleased to work with you to improve ABM Locator's support for your bank or ABM network. The ABM Locator team is particularly interested in obtaining files containing the entire list of ABMs for a given bank or using public APIs to more easily compile lists of ABMs.

Source code

ABM Locator is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. The source code for ABM Locator is available in the Subversion repository at http://abmlocator.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/abmlocator/.

More information

For more information on ABM Locator, check out the project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/abmlocator.

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