EXE Info

EXE Info is a tool that extracts information from executable files, including MD5 checksums of the file and each section in the file. An example of its output:

> exe_info exe_info.exe
General information:
	Size:	501760 bytes
	MD5:	cca0a4184e44fb5c3c0bc665080fd73f

	@ 0006440c:

	 #  name           start     length    MD5
	 0  .text          00000400  00063ed4  e484e5f9a9309a9c9b7bda6cc56276dc
	 1  .data          00064400  00000b80  017073b94b0f9f4ed531fd4b7e6aa9e1
	 2  .rdata         00065000  00014d60  23bba5354e2d1d2bab27cdfa8f749638
	 3  .bss           00000000  000045a0  0b81b3c66229e575277bbc20e3b27b8f
	 4  .idata         00079e00  000008d0  ee4939907351ddb1e5ae8c3fb82da41d


Bug reports and feature requests are welcome. Please submit these using the contact information below.

More information about it is available in README.txt. The executable and zipped source files (including the executable) are available below. You can also browse the source code directly.

  size (bytes) MD5 checksum
exe_info.exe 501760 cca0a4184e44fb5c3c0bc665080fd73f
exe_info-0.1.zip 265477 8f82221fece3612f4c95a5dc20cec672

Contact information

To contact the creator and maintainer of EXE Info, please use the contact form. If you'd like to make your query public, you can add a comment to the blog post for this tool.


The following ideas, libraries and code were used in the making of EXE Info:

Building from source

In order to build EXE Info from source on Windows, you have two options:

  1. install MinGW and use the libbfd and libiberty binaries (libbfd.a, libbfd.la, and libiberty.a; 1.8 MiB)
  2. install MinGW and MSYS (you can omit MSYS DTK and MSYS Core) and compile libbfd and libiberty from the binutils 2.18 source (15 MiB) — run ./configure; make; make install from within MSYS in the bfd and libiberty directories, respectively

Once you have libbfd and libiberty extracted or built, move the resulting lib directory into the exe_info-0.1 directory (extracted from the source zip file above). Then run mingw32-make when inside exe_info-0.1 and EXE Info should compile and link, producing exe_info.exe.

If you have any issues building EXE Info from source, please let me know using the contact information above.

EXE Info can also be built on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like operating systems using the following commands from the extracted exe_info-0.1 directory (assuming GCC is installed):

$ gcc -c md5.c
$ gcc exe_info.c md5.o -o exe_info -I./include -L./lib -lbfd -liberty

You will need to build libbfd and libiberty as described above, copying the include directory along with lib to exe_info-0.1.

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