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StarCraft Power Saver needs your help

StarCraft Power Saver (blog post) currently has trouble patching many people’s StarCraft executables as reported here and here. A likely solution to this is to check a smaller portion of the StarCraft executable to verify that my patch will work with it as suggested by MasterOfChaos. But before I do this, I need to make sure that this smaller portion is indeed the same on all StarCraft executables. That’s where you come in. If you happen to have StarCraft installed, I would really appreciate if you could download EXE Info (main web page), run it on your StarCraft executable, and add a comment to this post with your results.

For example, if you have exe_info.exe in your current directory and StarCraft installed in the default location, run the following in a Command Prompt window:

exe_info "C:Program FilesStarcraftStarCraft.exe"

Then copy (right-click, Mark, highlight, and press Enter) and paste the results into a comment on this post. Please include which language your version of StarCraft uses (ie. English, German, etc.) in your comment.

For more information about EXE Info, check out the EXE Info web page. Feel free to add a comment to this post with any questions you might have. Thanks in advance for contributing to StarCraft Power Saver!

EXE Info 0.1 released

EXE Info 0.1 is now available from the EXE Info web page. EXE Info is a tool that displays information about executable files, including their MD5 checksums and the MD5 checksums of each section of the executable. If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or feature requests, please add a comment to this post or contact me directly. For more about EXE Info, see the EXE Info web page.

Bill C-61: What you need to know

Bill C-61 is the Canadian government’s latest attempt to change the Copyright Act of Canada. The bill affects all Canadians which is why it’s very important that Canadians know about it and understand the parts that affect them. Here are some resources that I strongly encourage you to view:

In a nutshell, Bill C-61 will make many common and legitimate consumer activities, such as transferring a DVD to a video iPod or transferring a copy-protected CD to an MP3 player, illegal. For these reasons, you should contact your local Member of Parliament to express your concern. The best way to do this is in person, although mailing a letter (no postage required) is also an option. For some ideas, you may wish to read the Bill C-61 petition I wrote. You can also contact me for suggestions. The government will probably try to pass Bill C-61 soon after Parliament resumes on September 15 so it is imperative that you speak with your MP now.

An even greater threat to society than the negative impact on consumer rights, I believe, is the control that Bill C-61 gives to the big media companies, which will ultimately stifle innovation and competition. The rights granted by C-61 to big media companies are equivalent to granting Ford the right to say who is allowed to sell seat covers to be used in Ford vehicles and how much they have to pay Ford for Ford’s permission. I will make a post about this consequence of C-61 soon. In the meantime, you can read these articles which explain the problem to some degree: Red Hat founder concerned over Bill C-61, Why Are TPMs Still Popular?, and DVD-CCA Sues to Suppress Kaleidescape Product.

To learn more about Bill C-61 or to get involved in informing people of its consequences, I suggest you refer to these:

OpenWRT and serial on the Netgear WGT634U

I purchased a pair of Netgear WGT634U wireless routers a couple years ago with the intent of installing a custom operating system and seeing what they could do. Recently I attempted to configure one of them to monitor bandwidth usage for our house. I ran into several issues, which I will outline along with their solutions in hopes that it will save others some time in the future.
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