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Vimeo Downloader 0.3 released

Note: Vimeo Downloader is for those comfortable with the command line (or interested in learning). To download Vimeo videos within your browser, use Free Youtube! (get Firefox, install Greasemonkey, then go to Free Youtube! and click Install). When you visit a Vimeo page after installing Free Youtube!, a Download link will appear under the video. If you need to download password-protected Vimeo videos, you should use Free Youtube! since Vimeo Downloader won’t download them.

Update (2010-11-30): I’ve replaced Vimeo Downloader 0.3.0 with version 0.3.1, which removes the caption from the filename. As pointed out by Mikko, the caption is not guaranteed to contain characters suitable for a filename. I may add the caption option back when I’m confident we have an exhaustive list of suitable filename characters, but for now you can uncomment the FILENAME= line I disabled if you know the caption for your video will work in a filename.

I’ve updated Vimeo Downloader to include Jorge’s changes as well some other minor enhancements:

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • download HD version if available (from Jorge)
  • use caption as part of file name (from Jorge) – disabled for now; see above
  • output the type of video that has been downloaded (from Jorge)
  • accept either a Vimeo URL in addition to the Vimeo ID
  • revert to basic version if perl is unavailable

To download a Vimeo video (ie. with Vimeo Downloader, do the following from a terminal window:


Vimeo Downloader can also use just the ID (this is how the old version worked):

./ 1084537

After downloading, you will probably have to make the Vimeo Downloader script executable before running it:

chmod u+x ./

Vimeo Downloader should work on any POSIX system, including Ubuntu, Mac OS X, or Windows with MSYS. For more details, including how and why I created it, see my original post, Vimeo Downloader 0.1 released.

Thanks to Jorge for the major new features in this release (see Jorge’s comment for the original version).