A Fully Free Cell Phone Experience, No Baseband Required

Who am I?

my actual title slide should maybe be...

Ossguy's Grand Vision for Replacing the Phone Network

A "cell phone experience"?

the features one expects when one has "service":

what is "service" and where can we get it?

the device/hardware that you use; some inessential features:

do we even need a baseband?

The easy part: calling on wifi


most smartphones have a decent SIP client

VoIP carriers are happy to give you US$0.01/minute CA/US calls

a number (if you want) for ~$0.90/month, and 911 service

probably a communication service - could make own carrier

The in-progress part: [SM]MS

SMS/MMS over data with JMP


JMP diagram

How far does that get us?


The hard part: long-range data

what can we do with these?

why don't we have any of these in our existing phones?

The other part: your phone/SIM

build our own hardware that includes more (P2P/mesh) radios

modify OS to use SIP/XMPP in default apps, report number via API

to avoid, make a SIM card that delivers calls/SMS via Internet

important note:

but we don't need a SIM card for emergency calls

What can we do right now?

features we can use right now with fully free software

what we can start building (know how? let's chat!)


JMP - https://jmp.chat/ (AGPLv3+)

Denver Gingerich - https://ossguy.com/

the slides:

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