StarCraft Power Saver 0.3 released

StarCraft Power Saver has been updated to patch StarCraft 1.15.3 executables. You can find the new version on the StarCraft Power Saver web page. If you have any questions or if you are having trouble with StarCraft Power Saver, please add a comment to this post or contact me directly.

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  • great work, is it possible to make a one for the recent starcraft update?

    i believe it is 1.16.0 now


    this really help keep my laptop heating undercontrol

  • I’m not sure that you need StarCraft Power Saver anymore with the 1.16.0 release. From the release notes:

    Bug Fixes
    – Starcraft now only uses as much CPU as it needs to run smoothly.

    I will test out the new patch later today and let you know whether it solves the CPU consumption problem.

    Thanks for notifying me of the new release.

  • I just tested StarCraft 1.16.0 and I confirmed that it solves the CPU consumption problem. As a result, I will not be updating StarCraft Power Saver to work with StarCraft 1.16.0 because it is unnecessary.

    Now that StarCraft Power Saver is unneeded for new versions of StarCraft, I may put some time into getting it working with StarCraft 1.08b. This was requested a few months ago but I haven’t had time to look into it. Since the update from 1.15.2 to 1.15.3 was quite easy, it might not be so hard to backport StarCraft Power Saver to 1.08b. We’ll see how it goes.

  • nice, i wonder why it took them this long to fix it. how if they fixed it with your method.

    thanks again ossguy!!

  • After analyzing the patch a bit, it doesn’t look like they used my method, which is a good thing because my method was not the right way to do it (but was the only practical way without access to the source code). I don’t know exactly how they did it; I would have to analyze the code a bit more.

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