Working conditions in a Taiwan factory

In my usual perusing of tech news sites, I found this article with a slide show of pictures from a tour of a motherboard factory in Taiwan. There were several things that stuck out to me. The first was how the article’s author was amazed by how much manual (non-automated) work went into building motherboards, which he describes in the first couple paragraphs.

The second was the sign shown on this page of the slide show. For those who don’t like clicking on links, the sign has the following four lines: “Be more responsible”, “Complain less”, “Be more attentive”, “Make lesser mistakes”.

The third was how monotonous some of the tasks were. One of the pages says “Workers here add the same one or two components to every board that comes by, all day long.” It seems to me like some of this should be automated.

Lastly, I was struck by how focused on their task the workers were. Another page says “Each worker sat next to another. There was no talking, no interactivity.”

I suspect that a factory like this in North America would have trouble finding employees. I’m not sure exactly why it’s easier in Taiwan, maybe a combination of different culture and more relaxed laws.

In any case, I think the slide show is good food for thought. I would suggest you view the entire slide show so you have a more rounded view of the topic than the points I’ve specifically picked out here.

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