Blip Unembed 0.1 released

Here is the first version of Blip Unembed, a script I created to convert embed URLs into the original URLs and to download FLV files from given the original URL or the embed URL:

The script should work on any system with a POSIX shell (such as Ubuntu, Mac OS X, or Windows with MSYS) and curl (curl is in the Ubuntu repositories and also available for Windows; curl is in Mac OS X by default). To use it, simply run with the original URL (ie. or the embed URL (ie. of the video you want to see. The original URL and FLV URL will be printed and the FLV file will be downloaded. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this post or contact me directly.

This script is the latest in my attempts to help people depend less on Flash (previous projects include Vimeo Downloader). For more details, see Why I haven’t installed a Flash player. For viewing YouTube or Vimeo videos without Flash, use Free Youtube! by Stephen Paul Weber. I suspect Free Youtube! will support very soon.

Update: Free Youtube! now supports, thanks to this script. Just install Greasemonkey, then Free Youtube! and you will have Flash-free

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